Saturday, February 7, 2009

Elmo Live!

On Saturday night, Grammy took us to see Sesame Street Live. Katelyn lit up with excitement when she saw Elmo in person. She danced the whole night. We had such a great time! Katelyn and her cousin Kennedy waiting for the show

Katelyn hugging a cut-out of Elmo

We're patiently waiting in our seats

The whole gang

My view of Katelyn

Katelyn and Daddy

She lasted until the last 10 minutes. Then she decided she wanted to clean the ledge.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bailey is home again!

Ok, so it's a nice Sunday afternoon, Katelyn is sleeping and Chris is in the backyard fixing a very post hurricane fence. The back door is open and Bailey, our dog, is running in and out. He's a very loyal dog and doesn't go far when he is outside so I didn't have my eye on him. A few minutes go by and there is no sign of Bailey. I calmly walk out the open gate to the front yard expecting to see him, no Bailey. I start to get frantic, alarm Chris and he goes searching in the car. I had a strange feeling that our neighbors took him (there's no reason, just a feeling) so I walk up to their glass door and INSIDE the house is my dog! And guess what, I just saw them leave. NOW WHAT?? How the heck did my dog get inside a locked house? Is he a Houdini dog? I told Chris and he had the idea to check the back door and it was unlocked!! We have our dog back and he will never leave the house unattended again.

My theory:
Bailey is VERY NOSEY. I think he was sniffing around their house, where he is always at, and when they were loading up the car, he snuck in and they locked the door and left. Who knows what kind of damage he did in the few minutes he was there alone.